The Telenovelas is a powerpop-band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their songs are a mix of thoughtful slacker-hymns and short, melodic outlets of energy. The band borrows from the sunshine-reflecting guitar sounds of bands like Teenage Fanclub and The Go-betweens and spices it up with the lazy and non-pretentious vibe characterizing bands like Pavement and The Lemonheads. The songs sound mostly like a mixtape of various guitar-pop songs played by the same schizophrenic band.

During the last couple of years the band has been working on their debut album ‘Winona, forever’. Recordings have been taking place at the bands own studio on Refshaleøen, Copenhagen and in a summer home on Bornholm, with their producer Christoffer Emil Hørbo.

On the 3rd of October the band released their first single ‘Future echoes’

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